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Cotswold and Malvern Line Guide

> Download here as a pdf file

Arrow Valley Line Guide

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Saltway Line Guide

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Wyre Valley Line Guide

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Contents include: Chair’s Report, William Whiting, Interchange and Which Side of The Tracks video, Platform, Rail Trails, Worcester Access map. WCRP tourist film, Stations Reports, Wellbeing Day, Remembrance Day, Bike Marking, Malvern Book . Read more…

Contents include: Chair’s Report, Anniversary Event, Platform, WCRP Activities 2021-2022, Remembrance Day, Wheels2Rails, Try the Train, New Station adoption, Gallery, WCRP Aims & Objectives, Partner Information. Read more…

Contents include: Chair’s Report, Financials, Challenging times, Bee Friendly at Worcs Parkway, Wheels 2 Rail, Stitch Train, Great Malvern Station, Aims and Objectives, Steering Group members. Read more…

Contents include: Foreword from Lord Faulkner of Worcester, Chair’s Report, Our First Year, Financials, First Year Achievements, Station Adoption, Looking Ahead, Aims and Objectives, Steering Group. Read more…

Our Worcester Access Map is now available.
The map contains information on the best walking, wheeling, cycling routes for people with hidden and visible disabilities.

It is available either as a download from this website, or as a printed copy.
Download here…

Community rail development strategy for England and Wales.

This document sets out the government’s strategy to support community rail organisations to deliver the following:

Providing a voice for the community
Promoting sustainable, healthy and accessible travel
Bringing communities together
Support diversity, inclusion plus social and economic development

This strategy is the outcome of the Future of community rail strategy consultation.

Worcestershire Rail Trails Information leaflet
Accessible from train stations near you – 100 Miles of new walking routes from stations in Worcestershire.
Free to download bespoke guides and GPX files.

Simply grab your smartphone, download the map and route directions, and you’re ready to embark on your adventure!
Download the leaflet here…