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Platform Rail

Joint Education Scheme – Platform

Platform is a rail education scheme that works with schools to empower young people in accessing the railways.

Through our workshops, train-trips, and bespoke, local teaching resources, Platform helps teachers to build their students’ knowledge of rail-safety, their understanding of sustainable and healthy travel, and their confidence in using trains.

Platform supports schools in building cultural-capital with out-of-classroom experiences; helps schools to embed sustainable learning into their curriculum; and promotes access to future opportunities available to young people through train travel.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

Promoting Community Rail

Building links
within the County of

Embedding stations within the communities that they serve

Working with communities to enhance their local stations

Engaging with businesses and organisations within the County

Map of Worcestershire showing all rail lines and stations

Worcestershire Community Rail Partnership has been established to enable local communities to work with the three Train Operating Companies to improve the 18 stations within the County.

What are the benefits of the Worcester CRP?

  • Engage with communities to improve station facilities and encourage support for rail use.
  • Encourage Station Adoption Groups to enhance station environments and build local pride in the facilities.
  • Improve station accessibility through sustainable travel plans.
  • Support links between the stations and local businesses.

At its heart, community rail connects communities, schools, businesses, charities and organisations in enhancing and improving local rail services.

This community rail partnership is a member of the Community Rail Network. Everyone works together for a common goal, to make local rail more sustainable, economical, enjoyable and safe. Read an overview of the role community rail partnerships will play to support our communities’ and railways’ recovery, and help to ‘build back better’ 

The partners financially support our work to meet these mutually beneficial aims of increasing passenger numbers and putting something back into the local communities.
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Join Us

Get involved with your local railway through the new Worcestershire Community Rail Partnership (CRP).




On board

You are are all invited

Communities, businesses and tourist attractions and individuals are all invited to work with the rail industry and local councils to promote rail services across Worcestershire.